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Estimation of water variables using an image-based technology

Decisions based on early warnings and preventive measures

Early warning

Setting of different alert levels on estimated variables to trigger specific corrective actions

Remote control

Adaptable to control points with any type of connectivity, facilitating 24/7 monitoring. We integrate technologies ranging from NB-IoT or GPRS to 5G including LORA

Disaster prevention

Implementation of predictive models to anticipate environmental catastrophes and activate preventive measures to reduce their impacts

What do we estimate?

We quantify water quality. Our solution allows continuous, non-intrusive and real-time monitoring of these variables

Calibration is performed individually based on the control point and the variables of interest

The calibration process is semi-automatic. It takes into account user-specified thresholds and reference measurements acquired by conventional methods, such as laboratory analysis or contact sensor equipment

Estaciones Monitorizan Agua Aquacorp

Our stations monitor the quality of the water in real time

We have developed an intelligent multispectral camera that obtains optical data from the water and sends it in real time to our cloud platform. This camera is installed at the control points at a distance of between 0,5 and 10 meters from the water at each point to be monitored. Additionally, it has advanced local capture and processing capabilities (edge AI) that allow us to deploy our artificial intelligence models at the control point itself, which helps to issue alerts from locations with limited connectivity

A solution aimed at optimizing processes and helping to care for the environment

Agua Potable Aquacorp

Drinking water

Continuous monitoring of water catchment, potabilization and desalination processes to allow early detection of problems related to turbidity, algae blooms and uncontrolled discharges (such as fats, oils and grease, among others)
Medioambiente Aquacorp


Continuous monitoring of sewage networks and wastewater treatment plants ensures early detection of contaminants, improving the efficiency and quality of the wastewater treatment process prior to reuse and delivery to the natural environment


Continuous monitoring of relevant points within the watershed, points downstream of urban areas and industries with authorized high-risk discharge points, anticipating unexpected events that can produce drastic drops in water quality
Agricultura Aquacorp


Continuous monitoring of points associated with runoff from agricultural irrigation. Monitoring to anticipate events related to high concentrations of substances associated with fertilizers and pesticides
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The platform that allows you to make decisions and anticipate risks in an efficient manner

Our WEAS platform has SACE (Automatic Effluent Control Service), a tool that allows efficient and real-time risk management in advance of possible natural disasters. This tool is based on continuous monitoring and early warnings associated with effluents

Our WEAS platform has a tool, SACE (Automatic Effluent Control Service), which allows for efficient and real-time early risk management in the event of possible natural disasters. This tool is based on continuous monitoring and early warnings associated with effluents

Satellite data integration

WEAS incorporates a telemetry service based on the use of open satellite information (provided by ESA). This service allows continuous monitoring of the quality of large bodies of water used in catchment, drinking water treatment and agricultural irrigation processes


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