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Tomorrow’s water monitoring today

Efficiency gains through non-contact water quality monitoring. Real-time and remote water quality estimates by analyzing and processing field images

Significant reduction of operation and maintenance costs in the different processes of the integral water cycle, compared to traditional measurement and control methods

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Improve your processes by monitoring critical points in real time

24/7 operating system
Real-time and continuous estimation at monitoring points
Image monitoring
Artificial intelligence technology based on non-contact, non-contact outdoor water imaging
Minimal environmental impact
No contact with water, autonomous system and energy efficient powered by solar energy
Payment only for data. Initial installation and calibration fee, and a variable monthly fee depending on needs

Anticipation: Preventive detection of any risk or alteration in water quality

Decision-making support
Early warning to trigger customizable preventive and corrective actions
Frequency of measurement
The estimation frequency is minutely adjustable, adapted to the individual needs of each user
Based on data
Our product is the final data. An accurate, safe and quality data, guaranteeing the installation, maintenance and operation of the equipment
The versatility and simplicity of our system allows us to expand the control points easily
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Less expenditure
Reduces initial investment by 90%
Minimal maintenance
Reduces maintenance and calibration costs by 50%
Payment by data
Data as a Service (DaaS) product, you only pay for the precise data delivered during the contracted service period
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Continuous water quality monitoring driving a sustainable future

Generating a positive impact in the present to ensure a future in balance with the environment

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Water monitoring: driving a sustainable future

Generating a positive impact in the present to ensure a future in balance with the environment

Committed to the protection of the environment through innovation and empathy

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Joining forces today to ensure water quality tomorrow
Proud to be the first Spanish startup to lead, execute and successfully pass a Pre-Commercial Public Procurement process
In May 2023 we have obtained the technological validation from the Dirección General del Agua, the main Spanish regulatory body. Our technology has been evaluated in a real-world environment, specifically in eight control points of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero, successfully surpassing the validation process
AI and Water Management
The use of AI is essential to achieve sustainability in the water sector. Its application can range from optimizing procedures and wastewater treatments to predicting natural risks, such as floods or droughts, and monitoring water quality.
Wastewater: From Problem to Solution
Efficient wastewater management could provide energy to 500 million people. Wastewater treatment facilities have the potential to become energy generators instead of consumers, all the while creating clean water that is returned to the local ecosystem, supplying more than 10 times the water provided by the current global desalination capacity.
How do disasters impact water quality?
Disasters indeed result in the deterioration of potable water and sewage systems. Therefore, water must be regarded as a fundamental element in the activities planned by the emergency committee. It is crucial to conduct a thorough vulnerability analysis to estimate the potential degree of impact on these systems in the face of a specific disaster. This proactive approach helps in preparing and mitigating potential damage to water supply and sanitation infrastructure, allowing for more effective emergency response and recovery efforts.


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